Voices of Selected Women in the Contemporary Church

In December 2018 and February 2019, I attended two events in separate states of Australia that focussed on the topic “Women and Leadership in the Catholic Church” – on both occasions the numbers wanting to attend exceeded the places being offered. Recently I have heard of similar events being organised. The message is clear – there is passionate interest in this focus on the role of women leaders in the contemporary Church. However, such passion can tend to ignite emotions in response to varying opinions on how to move forward; and regardless of our opinion, or our gender, it is important to remember that we are all Church, and that we need to treat each other with dignity and respect. 

Without question women are seeking “greater involvement in leadership, decision making, and ministry roles in the [life of the] Church” (Women Matter, 2017, September 28). Some of us are content with our current status, while others are prepared to challenge the status quo! To the latter I ask the following questions – Are you content to step outside your comfort zone and be the pebble rippling out within the waters of faith and leadership, doing what you can as a leader to support the rights of others within the Church? When you ask others, what are they doing to improve the situation regarding “greater involvement of women in leadership, decision making and ministry roles in the [life of the] Church”, what will be your response if they reply, “And what are you doing”? For it is everybody doing their “bit” and working together collaboratively, that will rebuild and “heal” the church community – thus leading to renewal, change and growth – particularly regarding the ongoing appointment of female leaders to senior administrative positions.