St Mary Magdalene (Apostle of the Apostles)

The Feastday of St Mary Magdalene is celebrated on 22 July. Archbishop Arthur Roche refers to Magdalene as “an evangelist, or rather a messenger who announces the good news of the resurrection of the Lord.” He emphasises that the “special mission of this woman be highlighted, as an example and model to every woman in the Church.”

It appears then as if the Church has gained a new perspective on its previous opinion of this woman who was once considered a sinner, but who is now a saint of the Church, and who has been formally declared Apostolorum Apostola (Apostle of the Apostles). Could this be an implicit reminder of how the “supposed sinful” past of Mary Magdalene, was transformed into an inspiring narrative, so that she is now regarded as a role model to be emulated and respected by all in the Church?