Heralding a Renaissance (2019)


Heralding a Renaissance:
Women & Leadership in the Catholic Church

Christine Cameron

Paperback, 650 pages.

ISBN: 9781925826692

The Catholic Church in the third millennium is on the threshold of change. Forces from within and without are gathering momentum. Change is inevitable. Therefore, now in the twenty-first century leaders are needed who listen to the Spirit, and who are prepared to step outside their comfort zone and challenge the status quo! Thus inspirited, and serving as change agents, they can respond to the Gospel’s call to service and engage in active discipleship. These contemporary leaders are stewards of the legacy gifted by women and men of previous generations, whose charism has been embedded in their leadership practices and in their lived response to the Gospel.

While acknowledging and respecting the great efforts of many charismatic leaders in history, the book honours in a special way, Mary Mother of God and all women who have served and graced the Church in leadership positions across three millennia.

The analysis includes an investigation into the lives and works of significant female leaders in the Catholic Church throughout the centuries and is followed by an emphasis on current and emerging global trends, with selected women leaders giving voice to their role within the contemporary Church. Implications for the future regarding change and growth in the Church, highlight the voices of the youth and reference the Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit “Christ is Alive” (Pope Francis, 2019), the Post-Synodal response to the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on “Young people, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” (2018). Finally voices from the past to the present – challenge future leaders!

The Cover Design of the book – depicts the inside of a church and a dove with an olive branch – the olive branch is a symbol of peace, strength and healing and in Greek mythology is a symbol for the Goddess of wisdom – Athena. The dove is soaring up towards a circular “stained glass ceiling” and towards the “Living Light” – God – Who is sending out rays of light (and hope) to all humanity.  The focus of the book is leadership and Apostolic Mission – not Church politics. The book is quite lengthy and is divided into three sections – three millennia – with the emphasis on women and leadership in the Church since the beginning of Christianity. The book can be purchased through Connor Court Publications Brisbane and is also available on Amazon and the Book Depository.

This book is groundbreaking, and the time is opportune for promotion of the significant research into the ways that Christian leaders (regardless of gender or faith affiliation) respond to the Gospel’s call to service.